Canoe and Snorkeling

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Join our Canoe and Snorkeling in Thessaloniki and enjoy a unique experience of exploring
the waters of Aegean Sea with a canoe! 

There is nothing like exploring the waterways of the Aegean Sea than with a canoe! The vegetation and sea life in the area of Angelochori is truly astonishing. Angelochori area is known for being the home to many rare species of birds. As a result, one of the most popular activities (beside water sports) is bird watching in this region. If you look carefully there is a good chance you’ll spot something pink – move closer and you will see it is a beautiful flamingo! The waters in Angelochori are full of amazing animals and plants you can see above and below the water. We therefore suggest trying out snorkelling in these waters, so you don’t miss a thing! After the fun activities you can spend your free time in the Greek taverns and try some of the traditional Greek delicacies. We also recommend taking a walk to the lighthouse from where you will have the best view of the summer sunset!

A canoe is a light weighted narrow vessel that is steered by one or two people using a paddle. After you have spent two hours canoeing it is ideal time to grab some snorkels and dive into the waters! There is incredible and diverse sea life in this area that is just waiting for you to explore it! There is one thing we can guarantee and it is that you will definitely have a memorable experience!

Itinerary of the Canoe and Snorkeling in Thessaloniki

1. Meeting with the instructor
Upon arriving, you will meet with the instructor where he will hand you the equipment.

2.Short lesson on canoeing and snorkelling
The instructor gives you a short lesson on how to use the equipment safely. He will also show you the best locations to go snorkelling.

3.2hours of free time for canoeing and 2hours for snorkelling
Let the fun begin! You have free time to explore the waterways and enjoy the fresh air however you like.

4.Return to the base
After you are done with your activity you can spend some free time enjoying all the interesting places Angelochori has to offer. Our recommendation is to eat in one of the traditional taverns followed by a stroll through the town to end your day.