Thessaloniki Evening Tour

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Thessaloniki is known for its nightlife. 

Meet with your host and start the evening off properly with a glass of wine and some conversation about the city and its people. Continue getting acquainted with your host and admiring contemporary pieces of art over a drink with Greek ingredients. Be ready to go behind the bar and mix your own drink with the guidance of an experienced bartender. Grab a bite at the end of your tour and decide for yourself if you want to call it a night, or if the night has just begun…

Throughout your experience you’ll have the chance to meet several locals besides your host. Don’t hesitate to ask the friendly people of Thessaloniki about their way of life, and of course don’t hesitate to share your own culture and experiences with them. Top quality food and drink are very important when you go out, we have that covered, but it’s the people you associate with that truly create the experience. So take the opportunity to enjoy what the city has to offer, let us save you some by arranging your evening out.

Itinerary of the Thessaloniki Evening Tour

1.Meet your host
Meet your host, a true Thessaloniki resident, in front of the most famous landmark in town: The White Tower. Thousands meet there every day to begin their trek through the city. Start with a glass of wine and get to know each other.

2.Mingle with the locals
Admire some art, make new acquaintances and discuss how locals live their life. Share your own stories over a drink with Greek ingredients.

3.Go behind the bar
Time for you to make your own cocktail! Go behind the bar and mix your own drink with the help of a professional bartender, and continue socializing with more people.

4.Grab a bite
Finish off the tour by grabbing a bite, the best way to end an evening out in the town. Enjoy a delicacy from a local eatery. And now you face the important decision of calling it a night, or continuing through the night life of Thessaloniki.