Thessaloniki Food and Culture

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4 hour Morning Tour.
Don’t miss the opportunity to taste local cuisine, traditional and modern.

For visitors to Thessaloniki, going on a Food and Culture tour is a must. Don’t miss the opportunity to taste local cuisine, traditional and modern, all while learning about some of the history behind the dishes. Experience how Thessaloniki residents enjoy their meals throughout the day and visit the local market to see how the food shopping is done.

Begin the tour by meeting your host and get to the point immediately! Start off by tasting a few breakfast or brunch items along with coffee or other refreshments to load up on energy. Continue with a pleasant walk around the open market, a landmark for everyday food and necessity shopping. Along the way, discuss about the locals’ everyday life as well as regional traditions. Next, enjoy lunch appetizers and treats from some of the countless food spots in the city. You may try food you’ve heard of, or be surprised with flavors that are new to you!

Enjoy the city with flavors that will complete your visit by including your sense of taste. Add flavor to your memories of Thessaloniki! The food choices are unlimited so allow us to save you time and effort; simply be there, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Itinerary of the Thessaloniki Food and Culture Tour

1.Meet your Guide
Start by meeting your host. Begin the day by tasting a few starters to open up your appetite for later. Have conversations about local life and traditions (food or other) along the way!

2.Like a Local
Walk around parts of town that only locals are familiar with, see how people live their daily life and get a real feel of Thessaloniki. Have some appetizers and beverages to go along.

3.The Open Market
Visit the open market, see how residents shop for food and other necessities. Add flavor to this experience by having a few more delicacies to add to the experience.

4.Wrap it up
Complete your tour with a tummy full of tasty treats and wonderful memories. If your tour doesn’t finish at the original meeting point, you’ll have precise directions to return.