The Missing Treasure Hunt in Thessaloniki

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Do you enjoy solving mysteries and channeling your inner Sherlock Holmes? 

Escape the city is the perfect activity for those who are looking for a challenge full of mysteries and puzzles to solve. Unlike the standard escape room challenges, this one takes place outside in the streets in the centre of Thessaloniki. Initially, you get briefed about the case you are solving and then you head outside to the streets and alleys to look for the next clues. This activity is perfect for families and even larger groups of friends as you can be separated in teams and compete which team will solve the mystery first. Before you head off to the city centre the instructors will give you the necessary equipment that will be handy. Whether you are a tourist or a local, this is an exceptional and unique way to explore the streets of Thessaloniki!

One of the mysteries you can solve is called ‘The Missing’. The case is as follows: in the year 1987, an 8 year old child went missing in Thessaloniki. The people of Thessaloniki and the police spent days and days looking for the missing child. Unfortunately, they couldn’t find it and the case was closed. Now in 2018 you are working late nights in the headquarters of a local newspaper, when suddenly you hear footsteps in the dark and empty corridor. You get to the corridor and all you see is a box with an electronic device that has a message for you from an unknown sender. The message contains the clues to solve the missing child case. Are you up for the challenge? More importantly, will you manage to solve it after all these years? We are counting on you!

Itinerary of The Missing Treasure Hunt in Thessaloniki

1.Meeting with the instructors
Your first stop is meeting with the instructors in a relaxing lounge where you will form teams of minimum 2 people.

2.Briefing about the mission
The next step is a short briefing about your mission. The instructors will give you all the necessary information without giving out too much so that you can solve the case by yourself. Also, you will receive some equipment (tablets, backpacks etc.) that you will probably need during your quest.

3.It’s game time!
After you are all set it is time to hit the streets and start looking for clues!

4.Meeting after the game
Once you have solved the case it is time to return to the meeting point. Here, you can enjoy the comfortable lounge and talk with your teammates and instructors about your experience. In order to complete the overall experience and make it last forever you can pose for a photo with the entire team.